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Caution 1:
All images used are for illustrative purposes only. Please check the drawings for precise dimensions.
Caution 2:
Allowable bending strength and surface durability in the table on right are a calculated reference value according to the assumed usage conditions. Please see our catalogue for more details or use the strength calculation software by clicking the button above.
MATING WORM - Option 1

MATING WORM - Option 2

Catalog Number Bore Diameter (mm) Mounting Distance (mm)
Material Allowable Torque (Nm) Reference section of gear
Module Precision Grade Backlash Adjustment
Reduction Ratio Pressure Angle Hand of Thread
Number of Teeth Tooth Finish Helix Angle
Pitch Diameter (mm) Heat Treatment Weight
Catalog Number Material Module Reduction Ratio Pitch Diameter (mm) Bore Diameter (mm) Mounting Distance (mm)

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